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  • The Crew (Finished Review)

    Been giving this a second chance over the weekend and have to say I've warmed to it a lot more now Ive put a few more hours into it.

    I think a fault it has is that its not imemdiately obvious what you are doing, or how you progress. Its got a very NeedforSpeed Undercover story with a very cliched 'you killed my brother gahhhhh!' revenge theme but you're not really playing this for the quality of the voice acting (hint: it sucks!). Just let me get on with randomly racing or exploring rather than phoning me all the time complaining I'm not there yet (Hint: I'm not comign doofus feck off!).

    I will say, and you can burn me for heresey if you like, that I'm now enjoying it more than Forza Horizon 2. Be in no doubt The Crew is not better looking or as polished as FH2 but its simply more interesting.

    There's a wealth of skill challenges to do, speed, salom, target smash and jumps and each and every one is unique and has its own leaderboard. Races are much more varied so you're not constantly doing the same same dozen or so events at each town.

    The exploration side of things is by far The Crews selling point, its world is vast and certain cities (New York especially) are very recognizable - Ive only unlocked about 33% of the map and its still bigger than every other racer Ive played.

    Socially its a real let down, unlike previous online racers like TDU there's simply almost no population. I dont know if thats because no one is playing or its just not setup right but occasional glimpses of other racers dont really justify the MMO tag.

    What the Crew has also got wrong badly though is the in game economy, stingy does not even come close to describing the rewards you get and although some reviews mention online being a good scource of income you shouldnt have to resort to that.

    Should you try this?

    If you enjoyed any of the last 3 or 4 NFS games, or TDU, then yes. Its got some faults for sure but its by no means a bad game, visually and audio wise its a real let down but look past the shonky visuals and sound and its an above average racer.

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    I've got this on my X1. Not put tons of hours into it but I do enjoy it. Only paid 15 for it which is max what it's worth I think but it's good fun having a road trip

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      I thought the Beta was dreadful lol


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        Originally posted by Vambo, post: 251905, member: 1204
        I thought the Beta was dreadful lol
        First impressions are pretty woeful I agree, the game really doesn't explain itself very well at all but essentially this is an RPG but your character is actually the car. As you progress you win parts which can come with different bonus's on top of their normal upgrade.

        Ive yet to try the PVP or PVE elements, another 2 hours on it last night unlocked I think about 5% of the map - it really is massive!


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          I hated it and still do, i just can't bring myself to give it a chance.


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            Ive finished this, and typed up an updated review, then my browser crashed and I lost it before I posted lol

            Quick version:

            Its a good game and worth playing, its better than FH2 as there is more to do with a better variety of single and muliplayer challenges but it is worse because of the incredibly stingy in game economy that is seemingly only setup that way o force you into buying extra credit.

            That being said, this easily wins my 'most underappreciated game' award and if they ever do a Crew 2 it could be the best MMO racer yet.


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              so how that the Ultimate Edition [all the DLC included] is just 9.99 is this worth playing? and is it better than Forza Horizon 2 ?