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  • Mini SNES!!

    Nintendo reveals SNES mini loaded with classic RPGs and a ton of other incredible titles.

    At the end of last year, Nintendo rolled out the mini NES Classic Edition but stopped production in April.
    If you missed the chance to grab one and are balking at the extortionate prices on eBay, you’re in luck. Well, kind of.
    Behold! Nintendo has announced a mini SNES pre-loaded with 21 gems:
    • Contra 3: The Alien Wars
    • Donkey Kong Country
    • EarthBound
    • Final Fantasy 3
    • F-ZERO
    • Kirby Super Star
    • Kirby’s Dream Course
    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    • Mega Man X
    • Secret of Mana
    • Star Fox
    • Star Fox 2
    • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
    • Super Castlevania IV
    • Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts
    • Super Mario Kart
    • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
    • Super Mario World
    • Super Metroid
    • Super Punch-Out!!
    • Yoshi’s Island

    And what’s that, nestled halfway down the list? It’s only Star Fox sodding 2.
    “The mini system, which contains 21 pre-installed classic games and can easily be plugged into any high-definition TV using the included HDMI cable, will be available at a suggested retail price of $79.99.

    “And for the first time, players who pick up the system can enjoy the intergalactic adventure Star Fox 2, the sequel to the original Star Fox game that was created during the Super NES era but never released…anywhere!” said Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Doug Bowser.
    You won’t be able to play Star Fox 2 straight off the bat. The game will unlock after you beat the first level of Star Fox.
    There are a bunch of classic RPGs on the list and some multiplayer titles to boot.
    The SNES Classic is currently available in the UK to pre-order from Amazon UK or GAME for 79.99. More pre-order info is set to come soon.
    The SNES Classic hits shelves on September 29.
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    Looks good but I'm hoping that some classic games will come to Switch at some point, so I can play on the go

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      Originally posted by casey View Post
      Looks good but I'm hoping that some classic games will come to Switch at some point, so I can play on the go
      They really need to get vc sorted for the switch - I have one these mini snes ordered anyway, some great games and will look good next to my mini nes.


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        I'm very interested in why the NES stopped production, doesn't nintendo want money? And will I be able to pick up a new SNES from amazon in a years time when they are down in price a bit? nintendo own these games so why is not permanently in the stores?
        “The thinker knows...”


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          They have said that these will only be available in 2017 no idea what their thinking is behind this or the limited numbers of the nes version that were available.

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            Some reviews for the mini snes

            • Game Informer – “You shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to have so many amazing games at your fingertips”
            • Destructoid – “…the SNES Classic Edition is yet another way to introduce some GOATs to new generation, and I’ll happily go along with it”
            • Polygon – “a delightful but compromised gaming experience”
            • Kotaku – ” As both a collector’s item and a regular addition to anyone’s gaming rotation, it is superb”
            • Nintendo Life – “The perfect link to the past”
            • IGN – “The tiny, delightfully detailed console makes it quick and easy to have an authentic ‘90s Nintendo experience with some of the greatest games of that era”
            • Engadget – “…nearly all the games Nintendo has included in its latest console are as enjoyable today as they were when they were first released”
            • – “Star Fox 2 is 1995’s Game of Year”
            • CNET – 4/5
            • The Verge – “Nintendo has curated an amazing collection of 16-bit games, and stuck them in a tiny box that requires no fuss to set-up or maintain. You can just play.”
            • TechRadar – “With the SNES Classic Mini, Nintendo has really hit its retro console stride”
            • GameSpot – “If Nintendo’s looking to capitalize on 16-bit nostalgia, I’d say it did a damn fine job”


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              I'll be getting one.

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                Got mine yesterday and its great being able to play mario and zelda again! Also really glad they made those leads longer although you still have to sit pretty close, bunged in 2 controllers too which is good.