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  • Reviews?

    Hey guys. It's my first post! I was just wondering what sites anyone uses to read game reviews. I often find ign is always positive and gloss over the negatives which is pointless. GameSpot seems to be a bit better. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hi mate and welcome to the site. I mostly watch reviews on youtube these days as i like seeing footage and gameplay, I tend to watch the gamespot and ign reviews but find channels like ACG, angry joe and worth a buy seem to be more reliable than the bigger ones.
    Also worth keeping an eye on as they sometimes post review roundups for big releases which include all the links to reviews online including ign, eurogamer, gamesradar, destructoid and other smaller sites depending on the game.


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      Myself I like the ones ACG does. Think its a case of finding someone who likes the same kinda stuff as you do for best results.


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        I tend to use metacritic and take a mental average.. not sure thats what your after but its a good place to start.


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          I prefer watching reviews on YouTube like OliXSE said. Otherwise Iím the kind of person that doesnít read reviews if I personally think itís going to be good. So I just buy it

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