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  • Call of Duty Zombies

    I have just discovered zombies on world war 2. What a great mode that has made me look at call of duty games in a new light as I can take or leave the multiplayer part.

    Done a bit of reading up and see that Treyarch do the better Zombie modes and the one on black ops 4 set on the Sinking Titanic looks cracking.

    So my question is in everyone’s opinion who plays this more de what are the best call of duty games for zombies?

    Tempted to pick up black ops 3 again for this alone.

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    I think they started putting them in all after the first was such a success.
    They started to get more complicated tho IIRC. One of them has you starting in one place... where you have to do some stuff.. then get on a bus, go 2 stops, get off, do this other thing, get back on the bus and go 3 stops to do something else and so one.
    Whilst I like the concept I never got my head around why or how you are supposed to figure all this out.
    I also always felt they were more less just horde mode (Not sure which was first mind you) but preferred horde mode - well the earlier horde modes at least - I felt this too started losing the lot a little .


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      im no zombie pro but treyarch seem to be the ones that have done it best. I ended up buying BO4 lastnight and going to give zombies a good go this time seeing as there is no sp, although ive never found it that fun when playing on my own so hoping it changes.
      I think if you're in the market for zombies its probably best to pick up black ops 4 as ive not seen 3 that cheap specially with all the zombies dlc too ( think they are asking £30+ for zombies chronicles in the xbox store and not sure if you need to buy BO3 too ) plus i think the battle royale is worth a few extra quid.


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        Was going to try and pick it up today but not really had the chance.

        the no single player is not an issue for me as I still have a few of the previous ones to get through.

        really enjoyed the battle royale beta. Can’t really get in to fortnite in PUGB is a mess. Can see me playing this one though.


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          i think in a month or two and it might have dropped in price a bit. I had the same issue about no single player, granted they werent going to win any awards but really enjoyed them, but im quite happy with the game now ive bought it.
          They have gone a bit rainbow six siege giving you specific game modes to beat on different difficulties with each operator bloke and also a zombies tutorial, not given it a full go as ive been playing online but feels much better than ww2 but think it depends on how you got on with black ops 3 as its basically the same without boost jumps, still get the odd bellend jumping around like a kangaroo and still get team killed in hardcore but enjoying it.


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            If I end up with this it will be because my eldest buys it.. I find it somewhat cheeky (and greedy) of activision to decide for us we have no interest in single player, ditch it from the game and then not reflect this in the price.
            Adding a BR mode does not make up for no 1p campaign imho. (Epic added a BR mode to FN and it was free ffs.. im sure others have done the same). that that aint cutting the mustard wi me !
            (Also - I have zero interest in BR mode.. just not my thang.. man..)


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              Tried this last night. Both it an MP.

              Zombies felt exactly as you would expect except you can add bots now. (I tried this and he seemed pretty keen on just jiggling around in certain places - apparently this didnt stop him getting 222 kills to my 75. This is despite me feeling like he wasnt there most of the time).

              MP too was exactly as I expected..Started out OK.. even got a couple kills.
              Then sure as night turns to day I was dropshotted, quickscoped and was unable to kill anything despite essentially throwing a box of bullets at enemies.