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  • World War Z

    Liked the look of this and crumbled yesterday and got PC version.

    Kinda left for dead mixed with a bit of horde. MMMMMmmmmmm.. Horde.

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    How are you finding it mate?

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      Only played a couple games - but I like it.
      Fun. More left for dead than horde, but elements of both.
      Pretty too.


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        This has really come out of nowhere, I was concerned that the review embargo didn't lift until release day but all I've seen so far is praise. Definitely one I'll pick up next payday


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          Played this a bit more last night and still liking it. I had concerns there wasnt much of - and the areas are reasonably short. Turns out there are 3 sections to each location. Theres 4 locations so thats 12 "maps". So not so bad.
          Theres a whole bunch of stuff to unlock too - both in terms of classes and guns. Unlocking stuff gives you something else to do I guess so another plus.
          Only downside is having to play with randoms.. and no bugger seems to talk - which is problematic with a coop game !

          I think theres a PvP mode too - but not looked as this is of no interest to me.


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            not a massive fan of third person games, but, saw a video of this with the zombies all crawling over each other [just like the film] and it did look very cool
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