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    Originally posted by Spacedeck View Post

    What's got your interest? I feel like I'd enjoy Mafia but I have this thing where I feel the need to play the previous games before I play the latest.
    mafia 3 is a great game mate and dont think its a proper continuation of the others, there are some returning characters but story is its own thing, plus it has an amazing soundtrack and a rather simple 100% completion if you like that sort of thing


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      Been tempted buy Mafia a number of times

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        Will surely give Mafia a spin and ive looked at DBD a few times

        But its just the fact I dont have the games. Last 3-4 offerings I had em all. PS4 ones anyway. I mean it be good in as much as I clearly have an interest in them. Not so good in that I get nothing having already got em IYSWIM.