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    played through the first set of driving school challenges and also finding it boring. Looks nice but feels more like a fancy tech demo rather than a full game to me. Agree with Homer about the lack of cars and tracks too, i dont mind the odd concept car but feel there are too many here.


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      I am personally disappointed with the game at the moment.

      Donít like the way it plays on the pad but on the wheel it is good, Not keen on the single player to tell the truth.

      GT5 was stunning and had great single player with the A & B licences and a lot of us on MVG spent many hours on the game.

      I think I was expecting a lot more from GT Sport.

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        The driving school stuff is boring as sin. Yes it looks great at parts but its not a patch on the fun depth and gameplay in Forza 7. Plus forza z is gonna shoot past GT in the visual stakes with the arrival of the X.

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          Very mixed about gt sport. Visually stunning but when I get my X1X next month will it stand up against the look of Forza. Hardly feels very stiff but not sure if this is because Iím used to forzaís Been a bit more of a arcade feel.
          It does need more tracks and cars and a single player that makes you actually want to race on instead of doing the challenges.
          Also why canít you upgrade car parts etc anymore? It kind of just feels like another project cars style game instead of something to compete against Forza.

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            Kinda like GT Prologue on steroids

            Well maybe not quite that bad. I've heard there are issues with private games and no online chat - which strikes me as odd for a game thats meant to be socially orientated !

            I sent it back to boomerang. I only played 20-30 mins or so but I wasnt feeling blown away TBH. And I have forza which DOES have a single player.


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              I loved the demo. Kinda glad I have read all the negative comments as I was going to get it but sticking with forza 7 now.

              Will keep an eye on how the game evolves with updates.


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                Managed to complete all the driving school gold award things and started on the missions but sent it back today in the hopes i can get wolfenstein or new ac but started to really enjoy it. Still not a full price purchase for me as im only really interested in single player stuff but really liking the push to improve and focus on perfecting each turn. Going to stick with forza for racing but if this drops in price i might be tempted to buy later on.


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                  Aye - reckon I will still pick this up when its cheap.


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                    just spotted it going on simply games for £34.99 as an offer at the moment.


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                      Close... but its not right