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Looking for people to add for GT Sport

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  • Looking for people to add for GT Sport

    Hi folks

    Been away for a while, moved house and all that adult nonsense

    Anyway, the missus bought me a PS4 pro for Christmas and five games (one of which being GT Sport) so I'm looking for people to add so I can see how rubbish I am compared to others.

    Anyone own this?

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    I decided to wait until the full GT game is released.

    How are you fella?


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      Originally posted by MVG zapiy View Post
      I decided to wait until the full GT game is released.

      How are you fella?
      You know theyve added a single player mode to this now ? Which looks more or less like the one from the others in the series.


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        Haven't raced in a while, not even Forza 7 (f*****g Turn 10 screwing everything up AGAIN) so in light of this yeah, maybe I should dust off the PS4 and give GT Sport another chance.
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          I rumbled and bought GTS when I read they were adding a single player mode. (Which is now there).
          I do like the driving in it. Not sure if its accurate, but I dont really care - its fun and it feels right. The career thing they added is pretty much the same as it was in earlier games.
          The online appears to do what it says on the tine with better setup options than FM 7 has.
          I cant believe they screwed FM7 either, esp when they had it right 3 versions ago - I guess T10 like fixing what aint busted.. and making it busted presumably so they can try to fix it in FM8 (because I get the feeling they are not planning to change it in 7 - I digress.

          I havent tried pubic races in GTS but the few private ones I had were quite good. I think the only gripe is you need the cars to race - as in it doesnt unlock them all for multi or provide a way to at least use a car with some kind of penalty. That said it seems to throw cars at you if you play a little single player - either in the challenges, the time trial things or the new career mode.
          The other downside is there are not that many cars. Theres mean to be around 150 or so I think but many of these are race versions of a car.. and i think a lot are mental fast cars anyway. I *KNOW* its a racing game but that doesnt mean they have to be these mad racers does it ? (This is deffo something a like about FM - nice wide selection of cars from the mundane to the madness).

          Anyway - yeah sky - give it another blast

          (And feel free to add me on PSN... think you can guess what my tag is on there )


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            Add away matey, I'm middle of the road kind of speed wise!

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