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  • PS Now adds downloads

    PS Now is the Sony version of the game pass. There are 3 main differences.
    One is the price - £12.99 vs the £7.99 on xbox.
    Another is the quantity of games. There are around 150 games on the game pass but PS now has around 500

    (Complete list here:

    The last important difference is that XB lets you download the game but on PS they are all streamed. There are of course pros and cons to both.
    Downloading them means that you dont need a super connection to play and theres no risk of lag.
    But with even 360 games weighing in at 600 mb + and some titles several gigs this means you cant just play - which you can with streaming.

    However, Sony have just announced that you can download a bunch of them on PS too !!

    This pleases me .. I like it when the pair of them bicker and squabble

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    Interesting but this subscription stuff just adds to my out goings, maybe worth it though so Iíll take a look.

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      Well the MS one is pretty decent - with them offering up all MS titles on release day. Think its just a question of doing the math - dont need to find many games to play to make to it worth it.
      Will take more for PS4 with it being £13 a month I guess.
      However, I will likely ditch gamepass when the current sub I have runs out - my turning more to "the dark side" means is less usefull. Game rentals too will likely go - struggling to find titles I want.


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        but are Microsoft and sony's game licenses now forever? no. which is why the Forza games are not backwards compatible and leave the storefront after a few years, will we see Gran Turismo Sport on there? might do, but not staying on there for a great deal of time.

        i think its a great idea for a 'try before you buy' sort of thing and it will introduce gamers to games with they wouldn't normaly play [because they are 'free'] which is one of the ways i get to see new films on netflix / prime video; i'm already paying for the service might as well give a film im not sure about a go and see if its worth a watch if i loved it i'll buy it
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          I know some MS titles have been removed - but not lots... they don't seem to remove as many as they add. You also get notification when they are going so if its something you wanted to play you still can. Theres still 150+ to choose from. Not as many as say movies on netflix but generally games take longer to "consume" so..

          No idea if the PS Now titles disappear or not and obviously you cant download all of the titles available but again there's still a shed load of games.

          I'm sure its not for everyone but I still think for a lot of people its good value - both of them.

          As for buying - I have the pass but I still bought FH4 so .. yeah - id still buy. Ive played a few GP games tho - so i think ive easily had my moneys worth even if I terminated tomorrow. Probably more so that I have boomerang (im really struggling to find games on there to rent!)