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    Right now I reckon I'll be getting an Xbox s next. I've no interest in this until I get a 4k tv. This wont be for quite some time!

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      Don't think I'll bother either.

      Mind you I said that about the PS4 and ended up getting a PS4 Pro....

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        Originally posted by prezzy View Post
        MS need more exclusives to make this viable for me
        I'm hoping it's like field of dreams...."If you build it..They will come" lol

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          I got a PS Pro for "research" from work last year - else I wouldn't have gotten one. Wont be getting a scorpio either. To me it seems like if you dont already have an xbox then its the one to get - if you do then its just not worth the dosh. Sure its a good bit of kit and you surely would not be able to build a similar PC for the money (I dont care what the PCMR say - you just cant do it. Cant do it with a PS Pro either IMHO...) but its still a lot of dosh for the gain if you already have an xb