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    Originally posted by skyshadow5 View Post
    Demo is crap. Shows absolutely nothing about the game as a whole, just three cars on thee different tracks and Mugello looks so computer generated and "un"realistic. They show off their new weather effect, wow (not), a barel;y driveable Porsche in the desert (yawn), and a racing truck on a plastic track which is a real shame as I liked the previous FM4 version of Mugello. Will have to wait for the game now to make a proper judgement.
    I agree, I downloaded the demo yesterday and was left feeling not just a bit 'meh', but I was disappointed in the shift to a more arcadey look. I also found the vehicles too easy to drive even with turning some assists off.

    I'm currently leaning more towards PC2 even as a pad user


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      Yes I'm the same. Actually can't believe they let that demo out into the world. That must be changing a few minds.

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