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OnRush - Defo worth a read!

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  • OnRush - Defo worth a read!

    Ill start by saying I had absolutely Zero interest in this game. I was disappointed that the creators of DriveClub were doing and old school arcade racer. I wanted more DriveClub type games from them.

    Anyway I watched the video reviews and though no defo not for me.

    I saw today that there was a free weekend this week on Xbox One to give it a try. I thought for free why not?

    Having played it today I have to say its superb. Such a brilliant take on racing. Gone are first, second and third places. Replaced by working as a team to win rounds during the race. Its fantastic and it looks and feels incredible to play on Xbox One X.

    If you have any free time this weekend then I think its one to try, very much so for the older ones here as its very old school in the gameplay yet fresh.

    Its aslo 24.95 on both ThegameCollection and Simplygames.

    Im buying it after the trial.

    The game is also on PS4, I posted here as I played it on Xbox and the free trial weekend is Xbox Only this weekend it was PS4 last weekend.

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    I tried the demo.. but wasnt especially taken by it. Nothing wrong with it you understand. Just didnt grab me.

    I downloaded it Friday on ps4 cos I heard there was a free w/e on it.. then never played it.. I really need to make more of an effort


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      (I will therefore download it on XB.. and forget to play it )


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        fair play mate see if you can remember
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          Been looking into this game. But will try and find time to get a go on the free demo

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            I missed this. Is there a demo still?

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              I may have a peek! Just chilling for Sonic Racing, & Horizon 4.

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                if your only playing it singleplayer is it worth a buy?
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                  I tried it again and still wasn't taken by it.
                  Didnt try the online mind you.