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Xbox One FIFA 2019 Owners thread.

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  • Xbox One FIFA 2019 Owners thread.

    Pipe up in here if you own this?

    Thoughts on the game?

    Online MVG event?

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    Thinking about getting it but only got 18 a couple of months back and quite enjoying it.

    another bonus of keeping 18 is that the standard of ultimate player drops (as most good players tend to get the new version ASAP) a bit so I get more decent games at my level. Iím half sensible at the game and do well often but when you play with the likes of Titan and shooter on this site for example you realise how average you are.

    i quite like online pro which I understand is pretty much unchanged. Also thinking of giving the career a bash which is also unchanged so for me there is little advantage in switching, so will probably do so when the online pro numbers properly decline.

    having said that im sure in the next week or two Iíll be in game and bite....


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      I'm loving it so far, having missed the last few versions I am glad I decided to pick this one up..


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        Ive got it, just not had the time to play it


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          You fancy a game this week pal, will be an easy win for you at least lol.

          Anyone else for that matter.