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  • elite dangerous on ze xbox

    i have given up of fallout for the moment, will come back to it but i started up elite dangerous again.

    been a while since i played it and after it updated i noticed a scmorgesbord of changes.

    debris fields for one.

    dropped out of supercruise to find bits of one or more ships all over the place and BAMMM, lances of laser fire from multiple directions, shields down in under 5 seconds, my cobras hull getting pounded.

    no time to do anything, so gun the engines and try to skip through the debris and away, 2 engine boosts later and its overtaxed them, or a lucky shot takes out my engines, thruster, stability control and all. im spinning wildly through space like th debris around me, life support is down, im on a timer, no shields, no weapons, no engines - no hope.

    at least the weapons fire has stopped, havet they lost my signal through the debris because im so crippled, are they circling me now waiting to see what i will do, no idea, still no clue who it me

    i try to turn off non essential systems, nothing works then i notice the reboot option, i give it a bash, everything goes dark, im still spiraling away, clear of the debris now, getting a clear view of this unnamed systems star every three seconds as i silently disapear into the black.


    some systems flicker on, a list of failures read on my display, eventually it settles into what i am used to but with a lot of red text. i check my systems, give power back to the engines and - i stop

    22% engines is enough apparently, it stops my spin, i hit the supercruise and im off. 11% hull, no shields or weapons i limp to the nearest base.

    sell my ship, buy a keelback and become a miner (almost)

    i dunno why i gave this game up.

    now a question for anyone playing this, is horizons worth a buy?
    i may not have properly conveyed that incident but it was AWESOME.

    made me feel like a proper space dude, in peril and escaping by the skin of his teeth.

    If horizons offers more, then i would be tempted.

    anybody still readin who has it and can comment?
    Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!

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    Brilliant description, you had me hooked..

    May pick this up just to see what its like.


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      its a time sook, but well worth it.
      The main problem is when u jump into a star system and the station you need is ten thousand light seconds away, or worse a hundred thousand.

      its a good 5 minute journey at times, and its not like GTA where you have to actively get there, in elite its very much point it in the direction and only intervene if something goes wrong.

      also, the learning curve is humungous lol, even going away and comin back i find there is a heck of a lot o new stuff i just dont understand.

      find myself wishing i could get home from work now as i got my new shield and now have a rough idea about community goals, plus plenty more random signals to explore.

      if you get it on the xbox let me know, likely makes no difference as we weill be thousands of light years apart more than likely, but you never know lol
      Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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        Never got around to completing the tutorial

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          Originally posted by Bowler View Post
          Never got around to completing the tutorial

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          yeah it aint user friendly until you get used to it, never played a game with so many different controls and interfaces and indicators. and the tutorial is mince, doesnt show you a third of the stuff you need.

          but if you want a open ended galaxy with unlimited potential, this is your game.
          Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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            Originally posted by Pyab View Post
            yeah it aint user friendly until you get used to it, never played a game with so many different controls and interfaces and indicators. and the tutorial is mince, doesnt show you a third of the stuff you need.

            but if you want a open ended galaxy with unlimited potential, this is your game.
            Need to try it again

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              Originally posted by Bowler View Post
              Need to try it again

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              if you need any help, let me know.
              but be aware, by offering this help im maybe misleading you into thinking that i know a lot about it
              might not be the case, i still feel very much like noob.

              reading online it looks like there are now alien artifacts and some disease infecting space stations around some "bubble", all of this is greek to me at the moment, but only just found out about it so might go looking tonight.

              really shud buy horizons i suppose but but but but its more money i dont have

              Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                if my 90 minute sessions (apres the missus going to nest) continue to be as exciting, i might start a wee blog on here, see if i can tempt any one into joining me.

                last night i had just bought myself some basic mining equipment (refinery and laser) so i set off to a RES (resource extraction site) there are generally asteroid fields or rings around planets (at least until i get horizons and get planet side).

                the particular one i chose was a planetary ring in a system with multiple such planets, some of which are tidally locked and orbit each other. imagine two or three saturns in a complex orbit, each with their own moons and multiple ships kicking about their respective "space" at 700 odd light seconds from my station it made quite an approach as they all swelled from points of light.

                i passed over one of the gas giants, rotating as i went past for the best view of the storm bands on the surface and got an edge on view of its rings before passing into its dark side. my speed is slowing right down to below c as i approach my target planet, smaller than the first, it might technically be a moon, i cycle through my fire groups and find my mining laser just as i pass under the outer edge of the rings.

                in space there is no "up" and i decided to flip so i was streaming along the "top" of the rings like the voyager opening credits, i switched to third person view and honestly, its gorgeous. im too far away to pick out individual rocks but it feels nothing short of majestic to be cruising along the top of such a creation, looking out at the other planets in the mini system and into space beyond. the scope of the game is astounding.

                i reach my target and drop out of super cruise, after the blue halo fades i turn so the rings are now "above" me, not sure why but i feel better ascending into this field of rocks.
                my keelback ship is still new to me, and i have never mined before so im nervous about the density of these floating mountains, they dont seem too erratic so i dive straight in. line up on a decent sized rock and head towards it, i cranks up the laser and it tears chunks out of the rock leaving a visible scar along the surface, but being a rookie, i havent killed my speed, too eager to blast that evil boulder to smithereens, its coming fast. i drop the speed into the blue optimal range and pull up on both sticks. just how much clearance do it have? im nervous, and so is my ship - the proximity alarm starts blaring, it amazin how this actually raises the adrenaline, im at full lock here, how much damage will be done by hitting such an asteroid?

                i dont find out, my keelback (i need a name for this ship, any suggestions?) clears the roid by what cant be more than a few feet, i come to a stop but im so close the alarm is still blaring so i move off until it stops and chill for a second. ok ill bet thats a mistake most first time miners make, still embarissing though.

                anyhoo those minerals aint gonna mine themselves, i turn back to my grantie nemisis this time approaching at a crawl until my laser makes contact, i kill the speed to zero and watch as chunks fly off into space, maybe half a dozen of them as i write my name on the rock (not really, the scar fades before ite legible - gutted).

                eh.... now what????

                those chunks of metal dont appear to be spontaneously added to my cargo hold, they are just kinda spreading out into the field at large. i realise im supposed to collect these with my cargo scoop, i select one and start going in for it, only to realise once i get it that i have now passed the other five. time to do a turn, which as we learned from my near miss - is not my keelbacks strong point. this is gonna take ages and ages.

                i spot another ship in the field and close in, its a sidewinder, not hostile and not wanted. i watch as he sheers off some rocks and darts about picking them up. he is orders of magnitude more manouverable than me and it still takes him a few minutes, maybe mining isnt for me, i turn to leave the field and decide to turn to the galnet (actually my ipad) for some inspiration.

                i find that i need limpets, not a thing attached to the hull of a seafaring ship, but one for the modern age, these wee buggers can tell me whats in a mine and then collect the spoils for me.

                no brainer.

                i escape the ring and recreate my voyager moment as i skip across the top at ever increasing fractions of c, the rocks once again look like nothing more than dust. i swing around the planet and head back to base, only to find a signal source thats beggin to be explored. i drop out of supercruise to find two local authority vessels chasing a wanted anaconda.

                its three against one, do i sit back and watch the battle or do i take down this criminal mastermind fleeing the law? he passes right in front of my ship and i hear "targets shields are down" - screw it, lets help those valiant lawmakers, never taken down a conda before, now is the time. i hit the accelerator and the guns and in no time im am pounding the retreating conda, but its faster than me and is getting away.

                "targets shield restored" - oh oh - the thing turns well faster than i thought, maybe the flight assist was off. he come straight at me, lasers blast out - shields are down, more lasers - down to 45% hull and he is past me. WTF am i doing??

                im s shitty first time miner with a couple of laser pens taking on a war machine of death and destructions, sling that - FSD charges (once i escape the mass holding me back which muct be the conda itself) and i jump away. he fought the law, and most likely the law lost. i want hanging about to see.

                anyway - finally back at base, i get my prospectors and head to a different planet, drop out of supercruise, am instantly killed by an unseed assasin, cost me the guts of 300k of my 700k warchest and respawn back at base.

                gutted, that means i have a single re-buy and then im back to a sideweinder, time to make some cash, i am determined to mine something so again im off to a different planet. i drop out of supercruise, find a lovely asteroid, ripe for the takin, change my fire group to the limpets ammo.

                the pricks have sold me the fire mechanism and nothing to bloody fire, im out here like a bow without an arrow, like an aircraft carrier with no planes, like a cock with no jizz

                raging i set BACK home, utterly dejected. i dunno how to even buy ammo for these things. this station doesnt seem to offer them.
                im bedding in for the night. 300k and a soul down. not a great start to my mining career.

                maybe tomorrow.
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                Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                  last night i totally gave up on mining and flew my ship to new york city where i used my giant laser bean to wipe the whole thing out.........................naw wait that was independance day. thats right i opted to watch it instead.

                  great film, did look a little dated, but at 2 decades old thats to be expected, still my second favorite film.

                  back to mining tonight maybe.
                  Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                    Ok no long post today.

                    Want it to say thanks to the fuel rats.
                    In a remote system. Misjudged jumps and out of fuel. Screwed. No stations. No fuel scoop.

                    Search online for for options other than self destruct. Come across the fuel rats.

                    Real guys. Leave ur name and system and they come find u and refuel you. 10 minutes and I am on my way. No charge.

                    Thats why why you buy this game. People like them. I'm joining the, first chance I get.
                    Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                      Originally posted by Pyab View Post
                      Ok no long post today.

                      Want it to say thanks to the fuel rats.
                      In a remote system. Misjudged jumps and out of fuel. Screwed. No stations. No fuel scoop.

                      Search online for for options other than self destruct. Come across the fuel rats.

                      Real guys. Leave ur name and system and they come find u and refuel you. 10 minutes and I am on my way. No charge.

                      Thats why why you buy this game. People like them. I'm joining the, first chance I get.

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                        so after a weeks holiday in space-butlins (in the skegness system) commander pyab was back at the helm, although now with the horizons pass, I can land on any airless body, which is nice.

                        so I have officially given up on mining, its just too boring, the cool vistas aren't enough to keep me interested.
                        im now in a Cobra Mk3 and working on my rep with the federation as I want a pass to the sol system.

                        after delivering more than a few tons of power generators to help build a station I was awarded 700k and this gave me a tidy little sum, but as I also want an anaconda (about 175 mil), I have some ways to go.
                        so rather than head to the space dole center to sign on, I decided to find some paying work.

                        I jump into a system and instantly angle away from the firey death of the local star, my speed increases as I look at the nav con to find the nearest station, it appears however that I cam currently speeding away from it at a respectable fraction of C, I do a quick U-turn and am in awe of the size of the star in front of me, it seems so close, yet the planetoid and station are no visible.

                        I set my speed for 75% and cruise closer as the star takes up my entire forward field of view, I get closer and closer, wondering when my heat will start to rise, it doesn't happen, the shields must be doing their jobs but my god this is a massive star. I drop out of supercruise and am met by the vista of an orbris space station, orbiting a tiny planet that must be warmer than my rapidly cooling exhaust ports, all with a giant backdrop of churning nuclear fire. it feels like I am far too close to this floating orb of celestial flame, really makes you see things in perspective.

                        I dock with the station, and as I have some credits, I set about getting some military grade hull upgrades, giving me a 250% increase, very nice for 300k. I also buy some other minor upgrades, a slightly better shield, a fuel scoop and some uprated life support giving me a nice 10 minute emergency supply should I find myself with another shattered canopy.

                        all in all I spend about 600k and am feeling quite pleased as I still have the same left for emergency's but, I want to be getting higher, not lower.
                        a quick trip to the mission board and I have 4 requests for me to salvage some illegal black boxes and 2 requests for data delivery in the same nearby system.

                        time to make a wee trip me thinks.

                        its barely 9 lightyears and im there in no time, quickly finding and scanning the navigation beacon as soon as I arrive, this sun somehow doesn't seem as impressive as the last one.
                        they system itself is littered with POI's, multiple stations, asteroid belts and mini planetary systems stretching out as far as the sensor can sense......

                        as the salavage is illegal cargo, I decided to deliver my data first and set course for the relevant station, having scanned the beacon I know roughly where the four salvage sites are so I can get to them when I please.

                        I was warned that this data is hot and no sooner am I back in supercruise than some degenerate is trying to pull me out and strip me of it, I fight for a few seconds and then decide im spoiling for a fight, im not in a keelback any more and with my new hull and shields im feelin cocky.

                        I hit the brakes, submitting to his interdiction and funnel power into my weapons and shields, I quickly get a bead on the viper that harassed me and brace as his fire peppers my shields, they drop a bar but quickly recover - game on.........

                        setting my speed into the blue zone for max maneuvering im quickly on his tale but he is a slippery bugger and getting hits isn't easy, unfortunately for him, even I cant miss when he lines up for a straight run at me. I whack him with my lasers and his shield crumple like they weren't even there. "targets shields down", far far too easy, he breaks off and the hunter becomes the hunter.

                        im hitting him, im hitting him, im hitting him - this is brilliant, I am a sharpshooting genius, he cant escape, I look at his hull strength............... 85% ............ that's of no use whatsoever, ill be here days at this rate, lasers do next to nothing against hulls.

                        fortunately, the local fuzz turn up and assist, after five minutes he tries to escape but there are 4 of us on him and he goes kaboom in a less that satisfying way, I don't wanna rely on the space polis everytime someone bloodies my nose - time for more upgrades.

                        hightailing it to the local station, without a scratch on my new hull, I enter the letter box and muck up the landing gear deployment, resulting in me boosting to half a brazillion miles an hour, in a very confined space and bouncing off everything in or out of sight, in ten seconds I have done what the pirate couldn't, collapsed my shield and dropped my shiny new hull to sub 30% - idiot - must do better.

                        anyhoo, after some repairs and collecting my paltry 30k for the two deliveries, I install myself a turreted frag cannon and a turreted multi cannon. I am good to go.

                        it doesn't take long once I have got my first black box, for me to be set upon, but im informed that there is 30k for each pirate I take out, so I am more than keen to be engaged.
                        this guy has no shields, but man is he fast, he darts round about me and whacks my shields, nothing major but still, I cant get a bead on him, its like trying to shoot a wasp from dog, the dogs fast sure, but that damn wasp is nimble.

                        time to try something fancy, as my new cannons are turrets I technically don't need to aim much, so I turn the flight assist off, now im in a semi controlled tumble, I can keep my prow aimed at him independently of my motion, this is much easier but when he runs, I bugger up the thrust and he gets away before I can get back on his tail, raging is not the word, his hull was dropping fast.

                        next stop is a moon a few thousand light seconds away and it has some very picturesque rings that I cruise alone to pick up my spoils, loving the new confidence I have some fun, flying "under" the rings and tippin my wings into them, dropping out to collect the black box and jumping back into supercruise rapid style.

                        my escaped nemesis comes back but im ready for him, what an idiot, he should have kept on runnin, my rage takes him out faster than he could possibly know

                        commander pyab the merc slayer should not be challenged (at least if you have zero shields and 20% hull)

                        I spend an hour cruising about, collecting salvage and marveling at the scenery, I take out a total of 4 pirates, none of whom give a serious challenge.

                        I return to the giant star victorious and end up - within 20k of where I started the night.
                        but I am a damn sight harder to kill and more confident in my abilities.

                        next I think ill find and engineer and see if they can mod me up a bit, see what I can really do out there.

                        I love this game in case you haven't noticed.
                        Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                          Itís been a while since I made a log but the S.S. Tittyhawk and I made some good progress last night.
                          I now have a long term plan, a first for my space-faring degenerate. As always it seems I have been missing life in the galaxy at large, my cobra MK IV is now pretty well upgraded and I have been content to bum around local space, turning my hand to anything that catches my eye, I draw the line at slavery, being a federation citizen, but being a bawbag, I have no qualms about other less reputable pursuits, attacking planetary bases, smuggling drugs or salvaging illegal data transmissions for the highest bidder.
                          Itís a dog eat dog galaxy and I donít want to be anyone dinner.
                          However it seems that things are afoot in the galaxy, the space station Jacques, was prepared by the pilots federation for a jump to beagle point, somewhere on the opposite edge of the galaxy, as a plan to start a new bubble of human occupied space. I didnít involve myself in its prep, didnít even know it was happening; it only caught my attention when the thing went missingÖÖ.
                          Witch space may be a mystery but itís a consistent one, very rarely do things go wrong, in fact I cant name any instances of any mishaps, however, this space station didnít appear. I do find it slightly funny that these guys are on the other side of the galaxy waiting for nothing but thatís the nastiness in me. The whole galaxy was enraptured in this story, where the hell did it go? How was this possible? What did it mean?
                          Coupled with the unknown artefacts, the barnacles and the strange technological plague that the rumours are circling, these are certainly interesting times. Unfortunately, being in deep space all the time keeps me out of the loop so my info comes in dribs and drabs.
                          Then, the station is found, itís been taken off course, itís near the core of the galaxy. 22 thousand light years from human space. And there it looks like its going to stay, already masses of pilots are heading out there with materials and supplies and it looks like the fear of the unknown in local space is driving them.
                          Well thatís not whatís driving me, finally a chance to escape, to start again somewhere new. Human space is massive but its still well known, well-travelled. There arenít many civilised places to hide. Sure I have my pirate contacts, I have plenty of hidey holes but none that make me feel at home. And I want that, sad as it sounds.
                          So Jaques station seems to be the way for me, my Cobra, with a 18Ly jump range would take 1222 jumps to get there, at an average of 2.5 min per jump (which is slower than necessary but allows for fuel scooping) that mean it would take me 50 hours of straight travel, this is just not feasible.
                          An upgrade must be procured.
                          My anaconda is a while away so Iím thinking of an Asp explorer, 6 million credits and I have heard it has jump ranges of 30-40 Ly, and I can hopefully get an engineer to upgrade it a bit. At 40 Ly jumps I need a little over 20 hours, not ideal, but feasible.
                          However I currently have 1.5 million in the bank, my cobra has many mods but I would rather store the ship as is, my Tittyhawk has been good to me. So cold hard cash its gonna be.
                          Likely gonna need a lot more than 6 million as I will need upgrades but that will come, first off ill buy the ship close to the edge of the bubble. Then I can upgrade as I go and get a good tally on what I need.
                          Going to need a name for this Asp, might ask for suggestions.

                          Until then Iíll keep trucking, found a nice little route last night helping out some faction or other by delivering superconducters, a 4 jump round route netted me 60k per 15 min and, at last check, 4mil in community goal payout. That just might get me my Asp.

                          Tonight I might take some R&R, its gonna be a long slog.
                          Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                            Space truckin………

                            So, my Asp explorer is sitting docked in the Melvin station in the capukanga system. It cost me a tight 5.8 million credits but fortunately I have found a neat little cargo route that so far nets me about 5 million every two hours, requiring about 60 jumps.
                            I wanted to test my exploration skills for the big event, going to be out in the big black for a minimum of 6 weeks by my estimate, could be as much as ten so I need to have a system.
                            Luckily my cargo route is 600 LY round trip, nothing compared to the 22 thousand I want to take but it’s enough to work out a plan. My cobra does about 7 jumps per tank, scanning each system as I go, I have just enough time to look at the system map, decide if its worth looking at and cancel my frame shift drive if it is.
                            When I need to refuel I do a bit of exploring, on the outward trip only, don’t wanna risk the cargo on some high gravity behemoth of a planet. I got a fuzzy feeling of goodness, which is new for me, when I happened upon a debris field of some crashed ship on a nameless moon.
                            There was life there, occupied escape pods, 5 of them. The occupants in suspended animation, doomed to sleep forever unless I helped them out. My SRV takes only two cargo slots so I had to do 3 runs back to the ship.
                            It landed about 1km away, and this moon only had 0.18G so was bouncy bouncy, normally I love throwing my SRV about such worlds, ramping off the crest of hills and using my boosters to stop me going splat at the bottom, but doing it in the name of search and rescue is a rush that I hadn’t felt before, even better than smuggling illegal cargo past the authorities.
                            This particular moon had rings, it orbited a planet with rings, and due to some deft landing skills (aiming straight down and pulling up at the last minute) I landed in an area that sported a beautiful vista of half the moons rings partially covering the parent planet with the sun filtering through the lot. If I ever figure out how to purchase a space camera ill add pics to this log.
                            After rescuing the poor souls from a silent oblivion I launch and cruise the parent planet, changing up the viewpoint does nothing to diminish the beauty of it, this is why I travel.
                            I spend the night on this planet, the guys in my hold are sleeping anyway, makes no difference to them how long I take. The next day I continue my journey but I don’t go direct to Maia, my destination. I have heard of the barnacles in the nearby Merope system. Even have the coordinates -26-156 if anyone cares to visit. And decide to take a look.

                            After several aborted attempts, the coordinates only display on my hud below 30km which is too low for a decent speed of travel, I find the barnacle, badly damaged by meta-alloy hunters, but still impressive all the same. Definitely not human made and not native to this airless rock in the nebula.
                            I have heard there are more in the California nebula and the witch head nebula, but I don’t fancy a trip out that far, I have parts to buy.

                            My asp sits with its shopping list awaiting its maiden voyage, it also needs a name, don’t know wha t to choose.

                            A short jaunt to Maia and I drop off my passengers. Sure they are a little out of the way but im sure they will get back to civilisation before too long.
                            I don’t stay long, just collect my 47 ton of cargo and head back to 4 systems 270 light years away.5 million credits later and im 5 systems away from capukanga, my asp could make this trip in less time and carry more cargo, maybe a shakedown flight before the main deal??

                            Still need a name before I retire the tityhawk for the time being…………..
                            Just because this is the way it is, doesnt mean its the way it has to be!!


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                              Just wondering what are all the different versions and extras are on the xbox sir? After deciding to steer clear of NMS im quite tempted to pick this up but noticed a few different versions, the standard edition. arena edition and commander deluxe , but have no real clue as to what each one is so could do with a bit of advice from the han solo of mvg Is there still a demo as i think i downloaded the preview version when it first came out but it has since vanished, little worried about the whole motion sickness stuff as i have struggled in the past with GTA flying for some random reason