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  • Best broadband?

    Hi guys looking to change my broadband as I went with sky fibre last year due to cheap price but gotta say its crap compared to my BT fibre. The problem is when I'm gaming online and the kids are on youtube Netflix etc its lagging as hell.

    So wanted to see what you guys think of virgin fibre or should I just go back to BT as the price is about the same. Thou BT are doing a 200 mastercard credit aswell.

    Whats virgin hub like for wifi multiple devices and is the gamer virgin 200mb worth the extra price?

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    I have the Virgin hub and have been very happy with no problems. I haven't got the gamer package but there are no problems in our house with me playing online, whilst kids on Netflix or other gadgets.

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      I would be tempted to get another line installed, it my seem excessive but you don't need massive bandwidth for gaming just good constant connection.
      what does need a large bandwidth are things Netflix / Sky where it's streaming at HD or above.
      with a single line all it takes is someone to switch on a computer and a update to pop up and be applied and however good your connection is that system is going to try and sap every available bit for itself.
      if your console / computer is the only thing hard wired in and everything else in the household is wireless you might be able to get away with a single line.


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        I have the latest Virgin Superhub, the bandwidth is always great but sometimes the wifi does drop, I think you will find you could possibly improve your connection with a booster or something similar.

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          i use Zen Internet. Not the cheapest... but it just works.


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            I had opposite experience, I binned BT for Sky.. and it's better!? must be location

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              Thanks for all your replies . So have decided to go back to BT for now.