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    Do we have any runners in the house? I started in November and ended the year on around 40 miles. Really hoping to make it 300 miles or more in 2018! Have my first official 10k run in either June or July (can't remember which one).

    I didn't get out today as I'm recovering the aches from going out New Years Eve, hoping to go out again either tomorrow or Wednesday.

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    I run to the fridge and back for a beer occasionally does that count?


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      I have a bike - and i'm determined to use it more this year !!


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        Originally posted by prezzy View Post
        I run to the fridge and back for a beer occasionally does that count?
        Yeah, I'm not too sure that'll cut it

        Originally posted by homerramone View Post
        I have a bike - and i'm determined to use it more this year !!
        ​​​​​​​That's the spirit! Would love to have gone out today but it's very windy and chucking it down constantly. I think weather is to get better tomorrow, so I'll go out then.


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          Aye well the weather being a bit cock dont help. Dont mind a bit of light rain maybe...maybe a wee bit of wind. But pissing down and blowing a hooly is just no use at all !


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            Got out today around lunchtime. Did 5.6 miles today. Really helps to make you feel energised.


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              Nope. I did take the dog for a 2.5 mile walk yesterday though


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                congratulations on the running mate, dont suppose you can share any tips for a new runner?
                Only started late last year a couple times a week doing intervals starting at walking for 5 mins then running for 1 minute for around 2.5 miles ( just over 30 minutes ) , managed to get it up to 3 minute running with a 2 minute walk just before xmas but stopped over the holidays.Surprised myself with a 2 min run and 4 min walk today , thought that 2 weeks off and all that food would have ruined it all so happy with that but im stuck trying to work out how i will be able to go from interval to constant running.


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                  OliXSE hey mate. I've only done running now since November 2017, so I'm fairly new to running also. Do you use any tracking devices? If you take your phone out on runs with you, look into making a Strava account. Can really help with motivation.

                  ​​​​​​I'm not sure on what your fitness levels are like but the best tip I got is to work around your own fitness. Don't worry too much about how fast you run when you try, go at a slower jogging pace. When running, you should still be able to complete a sentence without losing your breath. If this is a struggle, slow it down.

                  ​​​​​I don't exercise before running, I slowly warm up with a slow jog for a bit before picking up my pace. Make sure you exercise after a run though.

                  Also don't over tie your shoes! They should be loosely tied and should be at a point of almost coming out. This is to avoid injury and I learned this too late. I picked up an injury from this that stopped me running for just over a week.

                  If you can also, try go out as much as you can. I find if I leave going out for a 4 days or more, I don't feel as good or fresh.

                  Make sure you have good footwear, doesn't need to be expensive but it helps being served by people who know about running. I'm a size 7 in trainers but when I went to buy running shoes, they said to buy a size up.

                  Have you ever considered taking a couch to 5k program? They do running in bits and as you progress, you aim to be able to run 5k.

                  I'll give you a link to a thread on a forum I frequent often. Contains a lot of good information and you should find something useful:

                  It's a big thread, so after the first few posts, the last few recent pages have some good advise.
                  ​​​​​​This is my Strava account:

                  I'm planning another unofficial ParkRun tomorrow with my girlfriend, so we'll be going at a slower pace than what I'm used to.

                  I don't know if any of this would be useful but it's something to keep in mind atleast.


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                    Thank you very much for the help mate Ive been reading various articles online but always seem to find contradicting advice which doesnt help.
                    I didnt think my fitness levels were too bad until i tried to run for the first time! im not that big but quickly realised the last time i did anything sporty, apart from my old job, was skateboarding a fair few years ago. I guess as i never really did much exercise i just expected to be able to run right away, was a bit of a shock to say the least lol.
                    I use the map my walk/run/ride apps as i also use the myfitnesspal app and it all links up, has helped motivate me a fair bit and will look into strava too, thanks.
                    I did look at the couch to 5k on the nhs website and kind of losely tried to get it to work for me as i found the first week goals were still too much, i think it was running for a minute then walk for 1 and a half which was too tough so did the 5 min and 1 min timing and increased that every week or two depending on how much i got out.
                    How often do you go out for a run if you dont mind me asking? Ive read people recommend anything from twice a week up to every day. The first week i tried every day but like you i managed to do something to my knee, felt like a trapped nerve or something, couldnt do anything for a week! Have been going out monday,weds and friday as i read it was good to have a day or so to rest and recover if needs be.
                    Thanks again for the help, much better to hear from someone actually running rather than a random website.
                    Have a good parkrun tomorrow


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                      Resting is one of the most important things you can do. Never overdo your running. The way I work this is after I've complete a run, if my legs or feet ache I will rest until they are back to normal. The timing of recovery has changed a bit for me. My first couple of runs over 5/6 miles would make me rest for 4 or so days. Now the same run will either not affect me or will only ache for a day or so.

                      I personally get out on average 2 runs a week. These runs will generally be around 10k though and take me around an hour to complete. If my legs don't ache though, chances are good I'll be out for a run. Weather also doesn't bother me, I've run in windy and wet weather.
                      My sister takes a group of couch to 5k and from the way she describes it, it sounds easy going. They only run on 1 hour a week to start out and that consists of running and a lot of walking. It could be worthwhile joining one of these groups, you'd meet other runners and everyone will around the same fitness levels.

                      By the time I heard about the couch to 5k, I was already running 5k but it would have been a good start had I needed it.
                      Don't think I run a full 5k or 10k without walk breaks though. I'll still take these about 2 or 3 times but usually they'll be 30 seconds or less for me to catch my breath back.

                      One thing on posture my sister told me when I started out. You want your body to be straight up. Imagine a balloon on a string attached to your head, this balloon is rising up and making you stand up straight.

                      Don't close your fists tight, if you do close them, do it loosely and gently rest your thumb on top.

                      Try not to let your chest get in front of you. Push your shoulders back slightly, so you can feel straight while running. Don't over push though as it'll ruin the posture and probably affect your running.

                      Don't run and look at your feet, always try to look ahead.
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                        Oh another thing I keep forgetting to mention about running is the way you strike the ground. Don't run on your heel, so try to make sure that when your foot is landing, make it as straight as possible. I don't think I've ever done it but I read that heel striking first can cause more problems and will hurt your legs more. The shock though heel striking is running up through your leg but if you go flat(ish), the strike is absorbed around the foot and less tension is shooting into your knees.


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                          thanks again for the great tips, managed one run this week as i had a load of stuff to do but hopefully back to 3 a week next week aslong as we dont get the snow!
                          The main thing i need to work on is finding a constant comfortable speed to run at, right now its all over the place. I find i start out at what i feel is a nice speed but by the end of my run i slow right down and run out of energy. Im not too sure how to go about sorting it out though, thought about using music but i doubt thats very useful or practical.


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                            Music would be fine, just don't have it too loud. I never listen to anything while I'm running. I like to be fully aware of my surroundings. I've never tried listening to music though, maybe someday I'll look into them bone conducting earphones.

                            I find that I can start well and I'll keep this going. I'll eventually start to slow down gradually and run at a slower pace. Then later on my legs will just pump into action and they'll feel fine until I reach home. Try making sentences to yourself as you run, if you can't talk without catching your breath, slow down. These are generally the things that will improve over time. The more you run, the easier it tends to get.

                            I haven't had a run since last Sunday. Haven't chanced the ice over the last few days. Really need to get out though.


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                              I've been running on and off for years, I go through spells if it. I've been really concentrating on it for the last 18 months though.
                              Good tips there and also make sure not to use trainers for to long.
                              Giving a style or brand to sit you is essential. I've always found Mizuno suit me.
                              I try to get out the 2 to 3 times a week. I really pushed before Christmas to hit 400 miles for 2017 and managed it by Boxing Day.
                              I'm currently working towards a novice distance triathlon at Easter so have introduced a bit of swimming too.

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