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Football: Homegrown Rule.

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  • Football: Homegrown Rule.

    Ok time for a debate.

    Now before I start I know there are many nationalities here and I am not having a pop at you, just to get that out of the way. So the premier league proclaims to be the greatest league in the world, its an English success, like a lot of things we have aloud it to become bigger than the sum of its parts, in this case English players. I really believe its time we made is compulsory to have English players in the 25 man squad, current its 8 home-grown that the club have nutired and that can be anyone from any EU state.

    Here is my thoughts

    25 player squad plus if you have local talent from your immediate catchment area from birth this can be increased by a maximum of two.
    6 must be English or available to the England National team
    2 must be home nations, (Wales, Scotland,NI and Rep)

    Looking at the small amount some of the top clubs field this is necassary, how on earth is the any connection to your team is your fielding 11 players from overseas? How do they feel the passion for the area, the people and the club. We are creating the talent these days, you only have to look at the junior levels, so making it so some of these actually get in the squad let alone the team would be a start.

    This would not stop the top players coming here, it would stop clubs buying players on the cheap to fill a spot a youth player could take and force the clubs to take more risks, if all the clubs are on the same page there is not an advantage for anyone.

    Thoughts, this will probably happen when Brexit is finalised anyway?

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    Something needs to be done. On football focus today they stated that only 21 English under 21 players have played in top level of of the 5 top leagues. And that English players only played 30% on premier league minutes.

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      Yeah that U21 fact is a little grey in many regards as its not much better for the other big countries and certainly much worst for Belgium U21 players and look how they are now..

      One player I personally think is our Mbappe is the young lad at Chelsea, Hudson-od, 17 and he looks class and certainly good enough to play in the Chelsea first team, we need a rule that forces this situation.