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    Couldnt sleep tonight and was looking through the forum and had an Idea :

    We have all at some point had a picture in our mind of what the other person looks like when we're talking to each other online right? I do straight away,cant help it,after a few minutes i get this image of whover is on the other end of the mic.

    So i thought I'd start this thread whereby you post a piccy of yourself,tried this on another forum and it went down a storm,you can even post up lookalikes,some can be quite comical You'd be surprised at how wide off the mark you are when you actually see the persons picture and the mental pcture you had of them is nothing like lol.

    If this isnt to everyones liking then admin/mods please delete.

    I'll start the ball rolling,here's me,on a bad day i might add,and ive been told the picture doesn't do me justice,honest : dont even know if this will work,I'm still getting used to the tools on this forum,hopefully a picture will be here when i post,if not,then it'll be a link to imageshack lol,here goes:

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    I Have no words.


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      ^^^ lol mate,in my defence,I did used to be a boxer,trouble was,I never did learn how to keep those gloves up in front of my face when the other fella threw some punches


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        Here i am.


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          Very dapper zapiy m8

          You're right stargate, it is interesting. We did this on TGG; Amti, Mayhem, Frequency, Ragnar, Nikki remember the pics?

          SEN: skyshadow5 - Xbox Live: skyshadow5 - Steam, Origin & Uplay: skyshadow5


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            Yeh Sky I rem doing that lol, hence why I am not in a rush to put up another pic of myself lol
            It is true though, you do form an opinion in your head of what you think someone looks like???..


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              yea those pics on TGG are going back ages lol

              alough i dont win prizes for good looking CAKE git
              "Licensed to screw up, Commander. You heard it straight from the ship!"

              "Light the Fuuuse! - And ..... RUN LIKE F*ck!"- *BANG* - "Did it work? , Well the F*cker WENT OFF!"


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                You have a British flag in your room, therefore you're a legend.


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                  Well so far i'm wrong on every picture shown

                  The picture i had in my mind of you guys is nothing like lol

                  @ zapiy - very smart

                  @ skyshadow5 - you so look like Chris Ryan the ex SAS fella who's currently doing a series on sky

                  @ frequency - You remind of someone off the telly and i cant think of her name at the moment

                  Nice to meet you all lol,now,to find some lookalike pics


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                    Yeah i am trying to pretend i never dropped that can.. ;D


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                      How do you put pics on here??. ???


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                        Heh, I remember those pics too Sky. Unfortunately most pictures of me are with me behind a drum kit, so I'll try and find a better (more recent) one to post. Nice pics by the way guys, Zapiy seems to have set a smartly dressed benchmark, I wonder if I have one of me where I'm dressed as smart as that.

                        ...This could take a while! ;D


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                          Originally posted by Colly 167
                          How do you put pics on here??. ???
                          Use the little "insert image" button in the icons above the message area (when you are typing your message) to make a little image brackets thingy and then put the link to your picture wherever you have uploaded it in between the bracket thingys. Sorry, I've never been good at technical explanations :P

                          What you end up with is this...

                          Well, obviously not exactly like that, unless you are my evil twin ;D


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                            Taken the day before my wedding last year,


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                              Cheers CRO55F1RE once I have got a decent pic I will post it!. ;D