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Evil Within 2 11.99 xbox one

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  • Evil Within 2 11.99 xbox one

    Amazon have this going for 11.99 on xbox for prime ( 19.99 on ps4 sadly ) , rented it last year and found it much better than the first, quite a bit different too.

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    Hmm... I disliked the first a lot. (Which is annoying cos I was looking forward to it). Think it lasted me about an hour before it was put back in the box and sold to someone at work.
    Might grab this. (Cos I need more games, obviously)


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      Cracking price.. might be worth a punt.


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        Struggled with the first aswell but think the more open world type thing works well , also some memorable bosses too. Definitely more than 12 quids worth of enjoyment to be had but saying that it might drop in price again in a few months, think amazon had priced it to match Very online, not sure if they still have it at that price but they might also be selling the ps4 version too.


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          Bought it from Amazon for 15.I Didn't play the first. I'll see how it goes!

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