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    For the life of me I canít remember If I wrote an introduction when I joined so here I go again!

    im a 33 year old gamer from the northwest of England in the UK,my platform is PlayStation 4 and I would very much consider myself a casual gamer.

    i have a fairly big backlog of titles Iím going through at the moment but currently I can be found on F1 2017, Destiny 2 and FIFA.

    always looking for new people to play with so feel free to add me on PSN my id is whiteagle

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    Hi bud and welcome to MVG
    SEN: skyshadow5 - Xbox Live: skyshadow5 - Steam, Origin & Uplay: skyshadow5


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      Hello chap, things are slow around here currently.

      Hoping for some smaller action in 2018.


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        Thats fine no worries i understand there are probably a lot of people who havent been active for a while here.


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          Yeah the next gen wars fragmented everything because some left the console scene altogether and went pc gaming.


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            Originally posted by MVG zapiy
            Yeah the next gen wars fragmented everything because some left the console scene altogether and went pc gaming.
            It was like the Infinity War, only bigger.

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              Hi mate and welcome back! Is F1 2017 worth picking up? Think i only played the 2010 or 11 ones ( if they were called that ) and think i read the 15/16 editions were a bit crap.


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                Yeah OliXSE im really enjoying f1 2017 however honestly it does not feel much different than the previous ones.


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                  Welcome to MVG.


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                    It's been a very long time since I was active on here. and I'd like to get reacquainted with gaming in general. I've just bought a Switch and it's rekindled my desire to have a bunch of 'friends' to play with. I'm not very good at gaming (seriously, I'm not) and, despite wanting to be, I am hopeless at FPS and games of that ilk. I have an Xbox One and Sea of Thieves looks good, and would like to learn how to play that with a consistent crew who will be patient and understanding of my limitations. I, like many on here, have limited time to play with a full time job and other responsibilities, but would be willing to leave a set time apart at the weekend to play SoT; the details of which can be decided between us. For example: I enjoy watching motorsport on TV - we've just started the 2018 F1 season, and the weekend of 7th & 8th of April sees the start of the BTCC - and I wouldn't want to miss any of these. I won't log back on here until midday Sunday now so there's plenty of time to work out if anyone of you can form a crew I can be a part of.