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  • Erm! Hello?

    Well what can I say apart from its been a while since I've posted on here,

    Recently my gaming has been shocking, I am hoping to get back into it but we shall see, so whats been happening around here? who's still around? and what games are people playing these days? I have a long list of games Ive got that I need to play, i just seem to be buying games, playing them once then not going back to them, not because I dont like them but because i just don't seem to be able to get into them like i use to. Im hoping that'll change cos i have a bloody Xbox One X here & I paid a lot of bloody money for it, plus my PS4 & PC, so i really need to get back gaming

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    Same here fella. Just got me an x today in a last ditch attempt to get back in to it.

    i seem to rather watch Netflix nowadays as Iím always knackered of an evening.


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      Hello again! I'm still here on and off. I haven't got an Xbox X, as no 4k TV. I'm normally on Mondays to Thursday's these days in the evening. Just got a trial of gamepass so will try Sea Of Thieves upon release.

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        Just loaded up my x and played fifa 18 and it looks cracking. Need to install all the others now. Keen to give forza and the new cod a go.


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          I am about mate. Looking to get back at it myself.

          How you been?

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            Iím still here. Gaming in the day time at the moment or spending most my time building stuff.

            currently playing sea of thieves but tonight iíll Be trying out a way out and Nino kuni 2

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