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  • Re-intro

    I've seen a few emails coming my way of late from here so thought I would pop my head in.

    Been a long while since I've been active on any forum but this seemed the right place to begin. There's a few familiar faces here that catch my from pre-MVG and it's good to see them still active.

    Anyway I'm pretty much exclusively Xbox these days with the One X being my preferred choice of console. Though I've got a kid that's just turned one so time can be a bit of a luxury.

    I'll literally play just about anything except FIFA and I'm big on the racers, Forza is my bread and butter.

    I still have a few from here on my friends list but feel free to add me...


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    welcome to the house of pleasure :-)

    enjoy your stay
    “The thinker knows...”


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      Welcome back. Glad I never upset to many with those emails.

      Site seems busier. I won’t jump on making game nights yet. Just nice to catch up and chat games and hopefully something natural will happen with a game night.

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