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MVG Rules - trolling & fanboy posting

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  • MVG Rules - trolling & fanboy posting

    Yet again the Admin team have to deal with more fanboy posting, trolling and subtle but blatantly obvious insults or digs at other members. This stops now!

    ANY member found breaching the MVG Rules and Regulations or Terms and Conditions THAT YOU AGREE TO when joining this site and posting on this forum, will now face much harsher penalties thanks to the idiot minority in their attempts to wind people up and denigrate the choices made by other members.

    There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Consider your post before submitting it; is it worth getting banned for, only to have you and the post removed from the site?
    The Admin Team will not stand idly by as a small minority attempt to spoil the enjoyment of the majority; this site comes first, cause continual problems and you will be gone!

    MVG skyshadow5
    SEN: skyshadow5 - Xbox Live: skyshadow5 - Steam, Origin & Uplay: skyshadow5