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Happy New Year!! Wishing all MVG'ers a fantastic 2018.

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  • Happy New Year!! Wishing all MVG'ers a fantastic 2018.

    Hi all,

    I guess this is early but its only 10 days away and so I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year and to recap 2017.

    So from all my family and everyone here at MVG, Have a great 2018.

    Whatever your plans for the New Year celebrations, stay safe people.

    2017 recap, well its been an annus horribilis for me personally and MVG has not fared so well either. I would like to thank those who have stayed around through the troubles, sadly I don't think we ever recovered from the Next Gen Wars, with the issues I have at home, sadly I have not been as active as I would have liked and needed to keep the site alive. Please don't read this as a giving up post, MVG will remain for as long as my drive is there, I aim to be more active in 2018, I have a few games on my wish list and I aim to keep it very basic.. Gunna need some help in this but i'm done with asking you guys now as i've let you all down with my lack of activity and gaming so why should you care.. I need to lead by example or some rubbish like that lol.. So if your up for it please approach me, if not I understand.

    I do hope 2018 breathes a little bit of life back into MVG, we was a great place to hang out with a great bunch of people who lets be honest are still out there and most of you prolly want MVG back as it was as much as me.. Just needs us all to want it at the same time and all getting involved..

    Anyway have a good one, chat soon people.



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    Happy New Year! Yeah, I haven't been on or done anything on here for ages. I think partly due to moving over to PC gaming.

    So other than MVG, have you anything outside of gaming you're looking to improve?

    I'm going to up my running next year. I started in November this year, so haven't run for long. Hoping to get some serious mileage for next year though. Actually going out today for my final run of 2017, it will be around 6.5 mile.


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      Happy New Years Guys

      My artwork page -


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        Happy new year everyone!


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          Cheers Lads,

          and hope everyone has a prosperous year to come!
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            You too chaps.

            Been a good start for once x


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              Bit late, but Happy New Year!

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                Happy new year boys & girls!

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                  wishing all a rather belated happy xmas and new year, hope you all had good ones!
                  Thanks zapiy for your continued hard work with the site and keeping her going and sure no one has been let down,last year was a pretty quiet one for me too, if you need any help with anything just give us a shout, always glad to give a hand if needed.